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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Hyatt has always been by my preferred hotel chain because of their plush rooms and great service, so when my sister got engaged we decided that the marriage be held at the Hyatt regency in my city. The Hyatt regency Kolkata has been constructed in such a way that it feels like a resort rather than a generic building type hotel, and has an amazing view of the city.

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So Hyatt awards points for every event you host at one of their properties and believe me they are one of the most rewarding chains compared to other major hotel chains, I have spoken about this in depth in a previous article. Hyatt gives you points according to the dollar amount you spend, that is one point for every dollar spent with a maximum of 50000 world of Hyatt points. Note these points are bonus points and thus do not qualify for World of Hyatt tier upgrades. But there is another offer going on which Hyatt does not promote much, that is the Hyatt Honeymoon offer this is by far one of the most rewarding offers right now for getting points via an event. Under this offer one can get up-to 150000 world of Hyatt points, now isn't that amazing!!

The offer is only valid for weddings held at the hotel and the points one can earn are as follows:-

$10000 spend will earn you 60000 world of hyatt points

$20000 spend will earn you 90000 world of hyatt points

$30000 spend will earn you 120000 world of hyatt points

$40000 spend will earn you 150000 world of hyatt points

As Indian weddings usually have two to three functions spread across a few days meeting the $30000 threshold spend should not be too difficult. Note many hotels will say that they are only going to honor the wedding day function for this offer but your counter to that should be that as Hyatt considers multiple functions under one contract as one event thus the total amount spent on all functions should be considered for this offer. Before signing the contract this point should be cleared as I had to really explain my RM for the event I hosted. He understood my point and combined all my invoices and gave the points according to my total invoice. There are a few other terms and conditions one has to meet in order to qualify for this offer some of which are :-

  • A minimum number of hotel rooms need to be booked usually 10, please ask your RM allotted by the hotel regarding this.

  • The code HMOON needs to be provided and should be mentioned in your contract. Please make sure that the code is mentioned in your contract else you will not qualify for this offer.

  • The amount you guarantee is the amount you are eligible for earning these bonus points. For eg you guarantee you will spend $20000 at the hotel but end up spending $30000, the points credited will only be for $20000 i.e. 90000 points. You should only guarantee the amount you are absolutely sure you will spend as you will be legally bound to spend that amount after the contract is signed.

This offer is open to all and the end date for this offer is 31/12/2022 so you've got ample time to plan your wedding. There a few hotels which are not a part of this offer.


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