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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

American Express has an ongoing offer in which you could earn up-to 50000 MR points by just making a single purchase. This offer is valid when you are successful bidder for a painting or artwork on irrespective of the price you pay and the best part is that the auction starts at just Rs 99. Bestcollegart showcases work of some of the most promising upcoming artists from the country, you can find a range of paintings on this website ranging from contemporary to modern.

In order to be eligible to participate in the auction you have to pay a sign up fee of Rs 99 but if you are an Amex cardholder you could get this fee reduced to just Rs 1. The auction takes place approximately 3 times a month, and you can view the catalog for the auction a week in advance from the auction date. I therefore suggest that you go through the catalog beforehand and decide upon which painting or artwork you would like to purchase and also do a little bit of research on the artist and the painting in order to understand the fair price of the painting or artwork, this will help you decide the maximum bid you would like to bid for a painting.

The cards which are eligible for this offer are:-

American Express Centurion card member shall receive 50000 points on a successful bid

American Express Platinum card member shall receive 35000 points on a successful bid

American Express Platinum Reserve card member shall receive 35000 points on a successful bid

American Express Gold card member shall receive 20000 points on a successful bid

This is one of the most generous offer taken out by American Express as you can easily get a minimum of Rs 10000 worth MR points from your purchase as I value MR points at Rs 0.5 per point.

If you are not already an American Express card holder you can apply using my link below which shall give 2000 additional MR points on successful card application

American Express Gold card

American Express Platinum Reserve Card

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Siddharth Sanganeria.

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