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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

If you are a small/medium business owner who makes a lot of their purchases online opening up an Amazon business account can be very rewarding for you as you can easily input your GST number on most of your purchases thus making it easier for you to claim your GST. Amazon also helps you track down all your purchases on a monthly basis which can help you keep track of your expenses. You can also authorize associates from your company to make purchases from their unique id, this will help you keep a track of who made a particular purchase.

Since the launch of this program I have started making a lot of my purchases online using amazon business because it makes GST purchases seamless as you do not have to enter your GST number every single time. If you have any queries regarding your orders or GST you could easily contact Amazon business support which takes care of all your queries(I have noticed that their business seller support is much faster than their normal support). This has saved me a lot of time as earlier I had to contact my local sellers individually for any GST related complain. Recently Amazon also started an Amazon business premium loyalty program, this program rewards you for all the purchases made via amazon. It gives you a cashback up-to 3.25% with a cap of Rs 51000 for very calendar month, the rate of the cashback is decided according to your tier allocation. As of now I have earned close to Rs 3000 from this offer. The Amazon Business Premium is an invite only program but you could try and call Amazon Business team and request them to add your account for this program. They usually see how many orders you have placed after opening up of your account and consider your request accordingly. According to me this is a great offer and is the most rewarding among its competitors.

Amazon also runs a lot of offers for business accounts like a 10% cashbook up-to rs 750 on your purchases. These offers tend to be offered for only business accounts and run for about a week, and if you are like me you could really cash in on these offers. I will keep posting about these offers on this page so a keep a look out for these offers.

So sign up now and start saving,

You can sign up for your amazon business account by following this link

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Siddharth Sanganeria

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