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Is the new Taj Epicure any worth ?

A lot of hotel chains in India have their own dining program which is a paid program, these programs are usually meant for people who frequently dine at those hotels. I have written about all these programs in another post, this post mainly focuses on Taj's Epicure program which was recently revamped. I will mainly be covering what are the changes which have come to to the program and how is it in comparison with the old program. I will also be mentioning a hack in case someo

Should you sign up for paid hotel programs??

Picture source- Most of the major hotel chains in India have a paid membership program in which you get certain perks and benefits and one may even get an upgraded status without meeting the normal requirement, but they do come with a hefty fee. So the question remains should you sign up for these programs. According to me most of these programs do give you a good return on your investment as you can easily recoup the cost if you are using your member

Amazon gets more rewarding

If you are a small/medium business owner who makes a lot of their purchases online opening up an Amazon business account can be very rewarding for you as you can easily input your GST number on most of your purchases thus making it easier for you to claim your GST. Amazon also helps you track down all your purchases on a monthly basis which can help you keep track of your expenses. You can also authorize associates from your company to make purchases from their unique id, thi



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